Behind windows

In April 2020, as photo shoots were cancelled and my diary stayed empty I started a personal project to document these strange times: Taking family portraits through windows. The response to the idea which I posted in a local FB group was incredible! Within three weeks I photographed 22 families in and around Bonn. At home, behind their kitchen windows, on their balconies - all from a distance. Why? - some have asked me. I tried to stay creative as a photographer, at the same time giving families something unusual and fun to do and a memory of their daily life during these times. In return, the “behind windows” photo shoots gave me so much joy. I have had so much fun taking the photos and most of all getting to know my neighbours in Bonn  - at least through the window. Thank you all so much who responded and took part in the project.

Read the DW article about the project here in English or German.

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